Ruaan Van Rooyen
I am the author and creator of this project and currently in my final year of Film studies. IRIDESCENCE is my final graduation project I wish to enter the Industry with in 2015. I have written and directed numerous student films, music videos, documentaries, Ads and PSA's. 
I have always been extremely passionate about conservation and found that my creative expression always comes out best when I work towards communicating a better world. 
I am not a professional filmmaker but give you my promise that I will carry this project to the best of my abilities.


BA in FILM and TELEVISION Production Techniques.

My Directing Showreel could not be finished by the final deadline of this launch but here is a link to some of the work I did in my 2nd Year:


Director of Photography:

Garrin Bowden

Garrin is one of our Top DOP's and also the Resident Student at CityVarsity. Garrin has worked on countless shortfilms, student films, music videos, Ads and Psa's.  This year he shot over 2 hours of final Screentime. He is well trained, fit and ready for Production. We are currently busy editing his latest showreel that will be posted here shortly.


Advanced Diploma in Cinematography.

Steady Cam Operator:

Jacque Maritz

I have studied and worked with Jacque for 3 years now and I find him to be extremely competitive, always reliable and high strung. We study the same Degree course which is a Triple Major in Producing, Directing and Scriptwriting. Now, doing a triple major is no small time business and is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Somehow Jacque managed to actually earn himself a Major in Camerawork and Lighting too.. Enough Said


BA in Film and Television Production Techniques.

Have a Look at Jacque's Showreel:


I am currently still in search of an editor. Should you happen to be one or know anyone that is really great at cutting film then please forward details to:

Sound Department:

Location Sound and Post Production: 

Robyn Leigh Knox

I have worked with robyn on several shoots and she is really amazing. Always gets the job done on time and without any errors.


Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering.