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Genre: Socio-Political Crime Drama.

Length: 43 Minute Primetime Episodes.

Target Audience: LSM 7-10   The 15-to-24 age bracket in LSM 7-10 has grown by 26% over the past decade. The 25-34 age group has declined by 11%, while LSM 7-10’s 35-49 age bracket is up 4%, with the 50+ bracket declining by 5%.

Tagline: Waves of Virtue Tides of Vice.

Premise: What if Victor Murphey, a elite former South African Special Forces operator and his Nephew, a professional surfer, computer hacker and programmer decides to  execute a stealth attack on the Crime Syndicates responsible for the depletion of their natural resources and the destruction of their society by interposing rival gangs and triads through cyber warfare and special forces tactics?  

Logline: A former Recce and a local surfer team up against a syndicate of coastal street gangs and Chinese Triads to save their country's natural resources and bring an end to the cancer of drugs destroying the streets of Cape Town.

Controlling Idea: “The context within which color unfurls its rainbow of symbolism and emotion is history itself.” PANTONE

Series Synopsis: A former South African Special Forces Operator, Victor Murphy (Hennie Bosman) and a local Surfer, Jason Murray (Jared Aufrichtig) forges an alliance when Jason's brother is executed for an Abalone Deal gone bad.

The Wo Shing Wo Triad Boss 'Shan Chu'(Dragonhead) AKA Mountain Master and The Numbers Gang Boss Boi Nongoloza are in charge of a Multi-Billion Dollar organized crime Syndicate that specializes in human trafficking, blood diamonds, and the manufacturing and distribution of deadly narcotics. An empire built on illegal poaching and bartering of Abalone and Rhino Horn smuggled over the neighboring borders and exported for the rich and wealthy Asian consumers.

Vic and Jay find themselves midst the turfs of corrupt authorities, vicious street dogs and mighty dragons. Together they combine their tech savvy and special forces skills to deceive, outwit, sabotage and interpose rival gangs through intelligent design and stealth operations, but how long will they keep up before their involvement is uncovered and their identities being revealed?    


Produced by: Ruaan Van Rooyen, Linda Steynberg

Written and Directed by: Ruaan Van Rooyen

Currently in Development.  

Principal Photography to commence in October.

Should you require the Director's Treatment and Pilot Script please email me at: ruaanvanrooyen@gmail.com

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