Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Our first 3 Days of Shooting

After many sleepless nights and severe computer syndrome I actually managed to put the 1st few shots together.. Special thanks to Judy Sole from Monkey Valley to accommodate us in her most pristine paradise, this is by far the most beautiful location I have ever shot..

Every Week we will take stills of our shooting locations and design highly stylized postcards that we will post to your address for your contribution towards our production.

Here's an example of what our Postcards will look like:

Kalk Bay Harbor

Noordhoek barrel at Monkey valley

Here's a few Examples of the first Production Stills: 

Dialing In

Slating Chaos

Somebody's Gotta Pay

If you are Impressed with these images then wait till you see the footage.. Even though I had a minimal crew of like 4 people and each of us doing 5 people's jobs, losing my bank card 3 times from spinning around like a Tasmanian Devil, pulling a lot of favors, bending certain critical rules backwards, like spending my rent money to get the first few shots done, I can gladly say that it was not done in vain.. 

I'll say that we have done extremely well with the opening sequence and the catalyst.. This week we are revealing all the players and setting up the narrative for the rest of the 1st season.. We are doing this out of passion and intent.. Support us as we are completely independent and if you cant invest in any of our art then feel free to share this blog.. 

I have decided that each week we will randomly choose one online promoter for a special prize and as the 1st official week I will give these images for free as long as you like, comment and share them.. Please note that these images can be traced anywhere so please don't just download and steal them, Like them and Share them..

Yours Faithfully,

Ruaan Van Rooyen