Hennie Bosman comes from a highly sport orientated family as his father was a South African Cycling Campion while his mother held the South African Athletics record for Discus.

He started to train Karate at the age of nine and earned his black belt at the age of thirteen. He fought in senior tournaments from the age of fifteen, becoming Western Province Senior Champion at the age of seventeen. He also played for the first team of the Bellville Golf Club from the age of sixteen while he represented Bellville High School in athletics as well as in the first Rugby team.

After school he joined the SA Police Force and held the rank of Detective Sergeant when he left at the age of twenty two. The then opened his karate schools in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

During the next thirty years he represented South Africa in Traditional and Full Contact Karate as well as Kick Boxing. This happened despite many setbacks due to political sanctions of South African Sportsman. He was National Champion in these three forms of Martial Arts on many occasions. 

He is currently Chairman of Kyokushin-kan Africa with more than 10 000 students in countries as far as Congo DRC and Tanzania. He is responsible for training, grading of instructors and promoting karate in Africa. He serves on the International Kyokushin-kan Committee and is the highest graded Westerner in the organization. He also acts as Centre Referee at World and other International Tournaments. He has visited Japan more than forty times to receive training and to take teams there for tournaments and training. The high light of his career was when he won the World title in Osaka in 2002.

Hennie’s big passion is motorcars and he has owned many powerful cars including 5 Corvette’s. He currently races a Corvette ZRI in the Sports and GT Division at Killarney Raceway. He has also taken part in other events like the Speed week as well as Hill climbs. He can handle powerful cars safely under fast conditions.

In 2003 Hennie started his film career; at first as a stuntman. He has done a lot of stunt training but  now prefers to concentrate on acting and portraying more substantial roles. Over the last few years he has been developing his craft and acting skills by partaking classes with Rachel Wood, well known American actor and acting coach. He feels confident to raise the bar to the next level.

Hennie is always in good physical shape and his tall and powerful frame and his ability to really fight puts him in a class of his own in South Africa.


127cm/50"/60 L
Hair Colour




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I was born on the LA side of the Los Angeles / Orange County border in Long Beach California, although both of my parents were born in South Africa. My father was born and raised in Durban on the Beaches of North and grew up as a Durban Surf Lifesaver and my mother hails from Pietermaritzburg and was heavily involved in Art along with my late Grandmother who was close friends with Walter Battisse and Maud Sumner.

They spent time in Cape Town while growing up and went to UCT in the 70’s. My father surfed extensively around the Cape during the early years, but eventually moved to the US because of a bunch of crazy things going down in SA at the time. Lets not get into that… I was raised in California but came to South Africa when I was only 6 months old for a while, as well as continually visiting almost every other year for as long a I can remember.

Surfing around the Cape Atlantic beaches as a super lightie in the late 80’s was a trip coming from the crowded breaks of So Cal and in the early 90’s I can remember getting so stoked on my 1st few day trips to Koel and Kalk Bay. I have been living here for a number of years completing a book project and now Cape Town is where I am based.

“Do what you love and love what you do” was a phrase one of my alias wrote on walls and canvases in 2005 and I’m honoured to be doing that. I strive not to take too much of my creativity and passion for granted and it’s definitely not for everyone.

A creative professional lives for their craft and works at it day and night, where other people like the routine and security of a ‘NORMAL’ full time job. I had a close call with a near fatal illness a number of years ago and since then committed to following my passions regardless. I definitely don’t like forcing stuff as much as manifesting it and I try to enjoy the process and think that is a blessing. I now move about the globe immersed in Art, Music, Surfing and Skateboarding while searching out the connections and parallels between them.

DJ’ing is like a lot of my other exploits, a passion that turned into a profession. I have been DJ’ing for a long time, when I started out it was way different and did not have the ‘I want to be a cool DJ’ or awesome connotations. A few DJ’s would get their gear together to practice, have a jam session or load it up and take it to a house party. We had vinyl only and had to ‘dig’ or search for our tracks, which was totally different because you had to have that good music on wax to play it in a set. Anyways, DJ’ing has come a long way and if you would have asked Kool Herc about DJ’s making as much as doctors or lawyers one day while he was playing with an old surf record by the Shadows called Apache he probably would have kak’ed himself laughing.

I recently released a massive coffee table book about South Africa and the things that make SA such a wonderful place. This labour of love was a six year project stretching across the country and exposing the best aspects of Culture, Music, Art, People, Animals and of course Skateboarding and Surfing. It is called Expressions Book One South Africa and yes it is the first of many more. The Book was shot interlay on celluloid film by myself and then I worked with 35 of South Africa’s top artists from a variety of disciplines to create a rich visual journey into South Africa. The deluxe edition books (with cover co-designed by Tyler B Murphy) are almost sold out.